Design is not the narrow application of formal skills, it is a way of thinking. Chris Pullman

Jane M. Aylward

Launched in 2003, JAT Graphics provides customer-focused design services, dedicated to improving the client’s visual impact.

I have built a loyal clientele, working well under tight deadlines, providing a quick turnaround, and producing creative results at a reasonable cost.


Mechanicals to Digital Output: An Evolution

I learned the fundamentals of design, composition, and color the old-school way—in art school—in the days of hand-lettering and manual typesetting. In 2002, I put away my Rapidograph pens, tossed the Rubylith, and stepped into the digital world of design. While there's a certain nostalgia for those times, I have found that designing in Adobe CC provides the highest level of creativity, efficiency, and accuracy—saving the client time, and ultimately money.


"No One Appreciates the Very Special Genius of Your Conversation As the Dog Does."~Christopher Morley

Believing that a balanced life is a happy life, I spend my free time singing with various ensembles, walking our large white beast across the Walnut Street Bridge, and caring for my family and friends.

Jenny, the beauty of the Walnut Street Bridge